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There Are People Like Me?!

Ok, I seriously (ridiculously, I now see) thought I was the only one who spent a lot of time muting, fast-forwarding or generally avoiding uncomfortable situations in movies and TV.

In fact, this happened to me just tonight while watching (of all things) 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. I tried to do a little unpacking of this during a free-writing session and came up with something that was actually sort of kind of coherent, so I posted it over in my LJ, which gained me a comment which (in a roundabout way) led me here.

(Follow the fake LJ Cut to read said post.)

Reading the user info of the community brought back traumatic memories of watching Borat with some friends. I ended up out of the room more often than I was in. I think I cleaned most of the kitchen that night, my anxiety level was so high I was practically moving at double speed. I have the same problem with Jackass -- I love the stupid stunts they do and the pranks they pull on each other but the hidden camera stuff actually physically upsets me to the point where I refuse to watch, even on fast-forward.

So anyway, that's my long-winded way of saying 'Hi!' and I'm really glad that I am NOT the only one that gets these feelings.

Embarrassment and "White Collar"

Over at my personal journal, I posted a short overview about how my blush-squick is preventing me from watching a show so many of my friends just adore:
On Embarrassment and "White Collar"


Bones 4x12

Is anyone else having trouble watching this episode? I still haven't managed to get further than twelve minutes or so into it, and that was with the help of distracting myself with Tetris.

Paul Gross's music videos

Someone talked me into watching "Voodoo" today. It was lyrically weak, but the earnestness of the delivery made it hurt more than any bad lyrics and overly literal imagery could have alone.

Some people in this world are rockstars, and some people simply aren't. Watching someone who's not pretend to be one is not comfortable.
I often come across a plot situation like that character A lies to character B, and the reader knows that this can't end well (and it is worse if the character ought to know this too), or a character hides something -- generally tension from any sort of secret that can't possibly last. And I react to the anticipation and the tension often worse than to the revelation scene that releases the tension.

This feels a lot like my squick reaction to plain embarrassment, but it happens even if the resolution actually isn't a horribly cringe-worthy scene, and unfortunately is more general than being squicked just by the embarrassment. Also depending on how long the tension from the secret is kept up, for me a low level background squick reaction can persist quite long. Not enought to stop the story if I like it otherwise, but enough to suck some fun out of it. So I'm not sure whether this actually still the same squick or merely related or overlapping. It's sort of like being squicked by the anticipation of embarrassment?

Do others have this problem too? It creates a surprising amount of trouble for me when reading all kinds of fiction. :/

The Riches...

I'm in a tough dilemma with this series: I rather like the characters but it frequently hits my squick response hard, so that I can rarely watch all of an episode. This week's wasn't that bad, but last week I could only watch maybe half? Initially I didn't watch the series at all, because the whole premise sounded like a recipe for disaster for someone with an embarrassment squick, but then someone on my f-list recced it, and I checked it out, and I was right about the squick, but I still found myself liking the characters, and kept coming back. >.<

Is anyone else watching the series? (Also, why is there no fanfic for it?)

last night's Colbert Report interview

Oh man. I'm watching the Jane Fonda interview from last night- or rather, I've had it on pause for the last five minutes because I don't know if I can finish.

Personal space, Jane Fonda! Personal space!Collapse )

oh god, his voice just cracked a little and apparently it gets worse. I think I'm going to go watch Countdown now.

Spider-Man 3

Hit your squick yes/no?

(Hit mine *so hard*. Agh. Had to avert eyes at various points. I liked the movie, but AGH.)

Warning: possible spoilers in comments.
Okay everyone! Raise your hand if you're finding yourself completely unable to watch tonight's SPN!

I'm ... surfing lj in the same room as it. Does that count as watching?

Although considering I've only been able to actually look at the screen for about two minutes total, I'm tempted to go watch Miss Marple upstairs instead.

Fanfic squick

Man, I've said that written media doesn't squick me as badly, but helenish's This Gun's for Hire (SGA: Sheppard/McKay) is squicking me SO HARD and yet of course it's so good that I can't stop reading, but sometimes I end up skipping large segments because of reading with one eye closed.

...in fact this may be less about squick and more about me generally being lame. Hard to say!